The Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Manchester is the community church for the Armenians in UK, North of London.

The following are the committees of the Congregation.

Church Trustees:


  • Mr T Couligian – (Chairman)
  • Mr D Buchanan – (Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Mr R Baghjian
  • Mr G Zartarian
  • Miss P Evenson
  • Mr V Couligian
  • Mr A Couligian – (Chairman)
  • Mr H Yeramian – (Treasurer)
  • Mr Z Nersessian (Secretary)

Armenian Ladies Association (ALA):

  • Miss P Evenson – (Chairperson)
  • Mrs E Couligian – (Secretary)
  • Mrs S Yeramian – (Treasurer)

The Armenian Ladies Association

The Armenian Ladies Association is an important pillar of the Community. They have been and continue to be an essential part in keeping the community together and propagate the Armenian culture.

After each Church service they offer a meal for the members that wish to partake and gather around. This is an invaluable occasion for social interaction and bonding.

To book for your place, please call 3 days before the church Sunday to:  Mrs S Yeramian on 0161 440 9667 or Miss P Evenson on 0161 434 4996

Hayasdan All Armenian Fund (Hamahaygagan Himnatram):

Mr V Couligian is the North West representative of the fund.

There are various activities in view of donations to the fund. Please contact Mr V Couligian (07855 304 740) for further information.

2014 Calendars are for sale £7.00 each all monies go towards the HAAF.

Manchester Armenian Church School:

The school meets twice a month (usually the middle 2 Sunday’s of each month) to learn to read and write in Armenian, traditional songs and about Christianity.  Children of all ages are welcome!

Please contact the Church on 0161 273 1074 for more information.



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